Saturday, April 2, 2011


Recently, I have a new addiction.

It isn't drugs. It isn't alcohol. It isn't bad reality television.


What is kawaii? Well, technically its a word in Japanese that loosely means 'cute', though the true meaning goes beyond just 'cute'. For the purpose of this post, kawaii means cute.

Specifically, there are various companies in Japan that create these kawaii characters and slap them on just about everything, mass produce the products, and sell them pretty much everywhere in Japan. There are specialty stores even, such as the Rilakkuma store, that sell only products with the Rilakkuma character.

I use Rilakkuma as an example because it is my most favorite of all kawaii characters. If you're interested, I have a Tumblr dedicated to just Rilakkuma. Its called Rilakkumakuma

Beyond that, my addiction is mainly focused on stationary. On Etsy, there are various shops where you can buy loose memo page grab bags, sticker flake sacks, deco tape, and the list goes on. So far, I have indulged myself in memos, lettersets, stickers, and accidentally some deco tape.

At the moment, I have no idea what to do with my collection other than sit down every once in awhile and stare at the utter cuteness. Maybe one day I'll actually get to that scrapbook I've been wanting to make and use some of my kawaii collection to dress it up in. For now, I will continue to collect and become another victim of the kawaii craze.


nikouru said...

Comments should work now! Your comment box should be in a pop-up window!

Bubbles said...

It works now :D....

I love Kawaii too but my addiction is more stationery then plushes even though I'd probably be crazy enouhg to use bags etc... I don't know what my favourite character is though its so hard just to choose one.

Samash swapbot.

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