Monday, April 4, 2011

Kawaii Mini Memo Sheets

I explained in a previous blog entry about my new-found addiction to kawaii. Well, I'm showing off my very small collection, little by little. This post is all about the mini memos.

So. This is half the mini memo sheets...

...and this is the other half. What I have learned from my first few purchases of mini memo sheets? Well, I like the sweets ones and the San-x ones the best. In the future when I start buying whole memo pads, I'll know to buy mostly sweets and san-x.

And these little sheets are just adorable. Some of them look like coupons and money while others can be cut into tiny note cards! 

In conclusion, mini memo sheets are fun to collect and stare at. While I'm still pondering that scrapbook project that's moving much closer to the front of my mind these days, I'm thinking these will come in handy for that.


Anonymous said...

your collection is cute! where do you find them - at a sanrio store? Carmen (thomascl28 swap bot)

Anonymous said...

nice collection! i love the san-x ones as well. just staring at them makes me feel happy :o)

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